Sketches - $30+

Sketches are fast and loose fullbodies. Base price is black and white to grayscale. No WIPs will be delivered. Each additional character is +$30. Color is +$20 per character. For additional extras, such as backgrounds or complex props, please contact for a quote.

Designs - $75+

Have a character in your head, but no drawn reference for them? I can help! Design work starts at $75 for a single fullbody color sketch of the final design, and goes up depending on final complexity. Please be aware this type of work is extremely flexible, please contact me for a quote!

Scenes - $150+

Sketchy scene. Base price includes grayscale tones, a simple background, and one character. Price increases with complexity, number of characters, and color; please contact me for a quote!

Order Types Not Listed Above

If you are interested in a commission type not listed above, please contact me directly with your idea and we can talk! I'm willing to talk about any number of things, from 3D models to choose-your-own text games, just let me know!

Additional Information

Commission turnarounds may be extensive, potentially months. Full refunds are always available in the case that no work has been done on a commission, should the wait become too long. I aim for turnarounds within a matter of one to two weeks for smaller orders.

Revisions are always available, within reason. Extensive revisions may result in additional fees.

Refunds are available respective the amount of work already done on a commission. For example, if no work has been done, a full refund is available.

If you need anything specific with regards to your order, such as a specific resolution, turnaround timeframe, or otherwise, please let me know as soon as possible.

Completed commissions are for personal use only. Commissioners may repost (with proper credit) and edit completed commissions, within reason, for icons, headers, etc. Commissions may not be used commercially.

For the purposes of reselling adoptables, the value of my completed commissions may be added to the value of the design, assuming this is in line with the design creator's terms. Creator's terms overrule mine in this case.